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MSA has partnered with San Mateo Credit Union for over 20 years. Currently, we are working with the emerging leaders of the organization in the High Performance Leadership training. MSA is focusing our attention on Mentoring, Coaching, Problem Solving and Diversity. We are also working with the entire Management team on their own personal development through the creation of IDPs: Customized Individual Development Plans. This engagement requires the focus of the entire organization, from the CEO to the front line. San Mateo Credit Union believes in education and retaining great talent. 

For more information on San Mateo Credit Union, visit https://www.smcu.org/
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<![CDATA[HRD Network Board, Helping Credit Unions on the West Coast]]>Mon, 21 Apr 2014 17:45:15 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/04/hrd-network-board-helping-credit-unions-on-the-west-coast.htmlThe HRD Network is an organization that has provided Credit Union HR and Training Professionals with networking and training opportunities for over 25 years. Brandi Stankovic is on the Board of Directors acting as the Board Consultant. 

Currently, over 100 credit unions of various asset sizes in California, Nevada and Utah are discovering that the HRD Network provides their HR and Training staff with valuable opportunities to learn together and exchange information with peers. HRD Network members have seen that by having the right support and connections, it has helped them to be better equipped to face their challenges and meet the objectives of their Credit Union.

For more information, visit http://www.hrdnetwork.org/

<![CDATA[MSA Partners with C-SUN Studios and California and Nevada Credit Union League to Create CU All Star Training]]>Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:01:20 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/04/msa-partners-with-c-sun-studios-and-california-and-nevada-credit-union-league-to-create-cu-all-star-training.htmlMitchell, Stankovic, and Associates partnered with the California and Nevada Credit Union League's eTrain to provide a contemporary twist on traditional credit union education. We developed the Credit Union All Star series, modules designed to take your staff to the next level. 

The modules are delivered in an interactive online format, which provides video instruction, powerpoint, handouts, activities, video scenario and case studies, and much more. This dynamic series will be launching soon. Topics include: Member Service, Sales, Security and Robbery, and the Credit Union Difference. 

Credit Unions can utilize all or one of the modules to deliver to their staff. The modules can be delivered in an individual format or to a group of employees. 
<![CDATA[Financial Literacy, Young Money, with Silver State Schools Credit Union and College of Southern Nevada]]>Tue, 15 Apr 2014 18:54:53 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/04/financial-literacy-young-money-with-silver-state-schools-credit-union-and-college-of-southern-nevada.htmlMSA values the financial literacy of young people. Every year, we support Young Money Live, an educational event at the College of Southern Nevada. This year we worked with Silver State Schools Credit Union to provide educational tools and financial support to the college students in Southern Nevada.

For more information on Young Money, visit http://youngmoneyevents.com/
For more information on Silver State Schools Credit Union, visit http://www.silverstatecu.com/
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<![CDATA[Travel with MSA, Client Results Across the Globe]]>Tue, 15 Apr 2014 17:56:42 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/04/travel-with-msa-client-results-across-the-globe.htmlMitchell, Stankovic and Associates is a vibrant, results-oriented, innovative consulting firm that is on the leading edge of strategic initiatives. The consultants at MSA are lucky enough to travel the world working with clients. 

We are trusted counselors, coaches, experts and friends to organizations and executives across the globe. Some of our global consulting services include:  strategic planning, CEO compensation, executive coaching, board governance, leadership transitions and educational development.  

We can hop a plane and come to you! Click here for more information and to talk about the opportunity! 
<![CDATA[Executive Development and Human Resources at CAHP Credit Union]]>Tue, 15 Apr 2014 17:48:55 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/04/executive-development-and-human-resources-at-cahp-credit-union.htmlMitchell, Stankovic and Associates work with CAHP Credit Union on many levels, including recruiting, human resources development, executive coaching, strategic planning and more. This credit union is an outstanding example of truly understanding, nurturing, and serving their field of membership. 

For more information about the credit union, visit http://www.cahpcu.org/
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<![CDATA[International Women's Day 2014]]>Sun, 09 Mar 2014 00:20:46 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/03/international-womens-day-2014.htmlThe official United Nations theme for International Women's Day 2014 is "Equality for women is progress for all." We work hard at MSA to make a difference to our credit union movement and to the lives of women leaders across the globe!

Here is a fun article on Forbes that says for women to BE BOLD which includes the infographic below. http://www.forbes.com/sites/margiewarrell/2014/03/06/women-leading-with-courage/

<![CDATA[Global Women Celebrate at GAC]]>Sat, 08 Mar 2014 00:15:49 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/03/global-women-celebrate-at-gac.htmlThe fourth annual Global Women's Leadership Networking Breakfast was a great success. Over 140 attendees from 21 states gathered to hear inspirational speeches from Representative Gwen Moore (D - WI) and Deputy Commissioner Ramona Prieto of the California Highway Patrol. GWLN extends a thanks to all the attendees of this event as well as the sponsor, CU*Answers, for continuing to support the mission of advancing credit union women in leadership. 

For more information visit cuwomen.org
<![CDATA[CU Board Volunteers: Wrestling With Ageism, Term Limits, Succession]]>Thu, 06 Mar 2014 19:44:34 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/03/cu-board-volunteers-wrestling-with-ageism-term-limits-succession.htmlExcellent article in the CU Journal by Michael Bartlett about the importance of Board Transition. This leadership transition is at the core of Mitchell Stankovic and Associates business. Susan Mitchell offered her perspective and thoughts on this crucial time in Credit Unions.

To read the article, please visit: http://www.cujournal.com/news/cu-board-volunteers-wrestling-with-ageism-term-limits-succession-1022241-1.html

"Boards need to have recruiting and nominating processes that go beyond a circle of friends or colleagues to the membership itself," Mitchell advised. "Next, there needs to be a better onboarding process for vetting volunteers. The credit union needs to know about the candidates' innovation, and their potential contributions." Mitchell emphasized that it's extremely important that the recruiting/vetting process hold people accountable, which, she pointed out, can be very difficult when the people are volunteers and, often, friends.
<![CDATA[Credit Union Times Women to Watch at the GAC]]>Mon, 03 Mar 2014 19:49:13 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/03/credit-union-times-women-to-watch-at-the-gac.htmlThe Credit Union Times hosted a Women to Watch reception at the Governmental Affairs Conference. Susan Mitchell is a previous honoree. For more information about the program and to see highlights from the GAC, please visit: