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Mitchell Stankovic & Associates is a global strategic consulting organization. We are trusted counselors, coaches, experts and friends to organizations and executives across the globe. Our deeply rooted values combined with proven experience insures we make a difference to our clients at the highest level with CEOs, key leaders and Board members. We help our clients face their toughest challenges, and our outlook is positive, yet realistic... We believe with a little hard work... Your Future is Bright! 

Thank you to all our clients and friends who participated in our sunglasses challenge! 
<![CDATA[MSA to Present at the Louisiana Credit Union League Annual Meeting]]>Fri, 01 Aug 2014 23:07:11 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/08/msa-to-present-at-the-louisiana-credit-union-league-annual-meeting.htmlPicture
MSA will be presenting at the Louisiana Credit Union League Annual Meeting in August 2014. Two breakout session discussing Leadership and Transitions. 

Sue is facilitating the "Activate the Legacy Through Thoughtful Leadership Transition" session at 8:45am on Aigist 8, 2014. 
There is a rich history within the credit union industry and many of its founders are retiring, passing the baton to a new generation of leaders who are excited, smart and ready to disrupt the status quo.  The new leaders are ready to rethink the relevancy of the movement and enhance the credit union experience for the more than 96 million member owners at 6,900 credit unions across the country.  This session will create a dynamic dialogue on the potential impact of this critical issue within the industry and provide takeaway tools that can be deployed immediately within your organization to maximize the organizational transitions and energize the credit union movement. 

Brand is facilitating "Strategic Influence: Get It, Lose It or Get Over It" at 1:45pm on August 8. 
Leadership is driven by influence - the ability to connect with others to achieve desired results.  It's not always the person with the largest credit union or the fanciest title who has the greatest influence.  How can you build or share yours?  For a leader to be effective, they must have strategic influence within their work groups, their organization and at the industry level to impact change and influence situational outcomes.  Influence gives you the power to connect with people, make decisions, drive strategic initiatives based upon your knowledge, network and get things done.  

Please click here to register or for more information! 

<![CDATA[World Council of Credit Unions, World Credit Union Conference Australia 2014]]>Fri, 01 Aug 2014 21:26:15 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/08/world-council-of-credit-unions-world-credit-union-conference-australia-2014.htmlAmazing week on the Gold Coast, Australia as credit unions and cooperative financial institutions from across the globe gathered to create synergy and energize our global credit union movement. The WOCCU is a world trade association and development agency for credit unions. Their international program assists credit unions to build efforts, provide services to the underserved, support communities and encourage legislative reform. Mitchell Stankovic is a Gold Level supporter of the WOCCU. We also lead, facilitate and support many activities in conjunction with WOCCU. 

The Global Women's Leadership Network Forum at the WCUC meeting in Australia was a great success. Facilitated by Sue Mitchell, women from across the globe discussed ways to get involved and assist each other in making a difference in the lives of their members. 
<![CDATA[MSA Team Heading Down Under for the World CU Conference on the Gold Coast]]>Tue, 15 Jul 2014 23:16:10 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/07/msa-team-heading-down-under-for-the-world-cu-conference-on-the-gold-coast.htmlPicture
Mitchell Stankovic and Associates have supported the World Council of Credit Unions for over 10 years. The team is heading to the Gold Coast Australia for the World Credit Union Conference. Sue Mitchell and Brandi Stankovic will be facilitating several events including: Global Women's Leadership Network reception and educational forum, Future Forum session, the CEO Advisory Committee meeting and a breakout session discussing, Diversity: Advancing Women in Mutuals/Credit Union leadership. 

Click here for more information. Hope to see you down under! 

<![CDATA[Speaking at the TMG Executive Summit: Activate the Legacy, Thought Leadership & Influence]]>Mon, 23 Jun 2014 19:46:44 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/06/speaking-at-the-tmg-executive-summitactivate-the-legacy-thought-leadership-influence.htmlPicture
Susan Mitchell & Brandi Stankovic of MSA will be speaking at the TMG Executive Summit in Lake Tahoe July 14-16.  This award-wining duo is on the leading edge of results-oriented, strategic initiatives. They will be a catalyst for your leadership legacy as you walk away with success-boosting strategies and best-practice approaches. 

There is a rich history within the financial services industry and many of its founders are retiring, passing the baton to a new generation of leaders ready to rethink and energize.  Learn how to successfully activate the legacy through thoughtful leadership. Follow this link to register today! 


<![CDATA[How A Single Sheet of Blank Paper Can Help Credit Unions Improve Performance]]>Mon, 02 Jun 2014 20:14:08 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/06/how-a-single-sheet-of-blank-paper-can-help-credit-unions-improve-performance.htmlPicture
Excerpt from the CU Journal, June 2, 2014, Michael Bartlett:

"Dr. Brandi Stankovic, partner at credit union consultancy Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates, said CUs need to manage their vital margins by taking a fresh look at themselves, and prepare for leadership transitions as baby boomers continue to retire.

As the U.S. economy has slowly recovered from recession, Stankovic pointed out many people are working more hours for less money.

"On top of that, credit unions are getting hit by new regulations that inhibit growth and take away resources," she said. "The vital margin is about looking at the margin and making it a commodity."

Stankovic suggested the process begin by someone in upper management taking a blank piece of paper — perhaps the CEO going outside the CU for an afternoon to reflect — and deciding what to do to save the credit union....."

To read the entire article, subscribe to the Credit Union Journal and more, visit: http://www.cujournal.com/news/how-a-single-sheet-of-blank-paper-can-help-cus-improve-their-performance-1022753-1.html

<![CDATA[Launch of the Colorado and Wyoming GWLN]]>Fri, 30 May 2014 19:17:19 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/05/launch-of-the-colorado-and-wyoming-gwln.html
The first-ever Colorado Sister Society meeting was a great success. Among the attendees were CFOs, EVPs, VPs, CEOs and SVPs! The group was led by Nicole Brusewitz, CUDA, VP of Education and Events at the Mountain West Credit Union Association (MWCUA). Scott Earl, President/CEO of MWCUA, also stopped by to lend some encouraging words to this new group. Brandi Stankovic of Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates kicked off the meeting with an introduction to the Network and an update on Network activities, which was followed by roundtable discussions on Women in Leadership. 

The meeting also included a discussion on how the Colorado Sister Society can get involved in the 2015 World Credit Union Conference, which will be held in Denver. They discussed hosting a series of events that would allow Network members to experience the culture of Colorado, including activities such as a hiking trip, barbeque, and credit union visits. 
<![CDATA[Arizona Women and Credit Union Leaders]]>Thu, 29 May 2014 19:12:46 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/05/arizona-women-and-credit-union-leaders.html
The meeting of the Arizona Sister Society of the Global Women's Leadership Network, World Council of Credit Unions on May 29 offered another tremendous opportunity for learning and networking, as well as contributing to the community. Participants enjoyed a great opening from Jaquetta Ward, Association Support Manager at the Mountain West Credit Union Association (MWCUA), who hosted the event with her organization. Thanks to Brandi Stankovic from Mitchell Stankovic for her update on the growth of the organization. She reported that we now have more than 600 members in 15 chapters across the globe - including our partner group that started in Colorado on May 28. Brandi's presentation featured a discussion of issues from Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. The topics spurred thoughtful discussions about the nature of leadership and how we can promote our own success and that of other women in credit unions. 
<![CDATA[Stankovic Participated in the THINK 14, Leadership Attitude and Talent General Session]]>Fri, 23 May 2014 20:51:50 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/05/stankovic-participated-in-the-think-14-leadership-attitude-and-talent-general-session.htmlPicture

On the final day of the CO-OP Financial Services THINK 14 conference, Young leaders Brandi Stankovic from Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates; Andrew Johnson from Members 1st Federal Credit Union; and Jaime Crooks from OhioHealthcare Federal Credit Union joined General Session speakers Susan Cantrell from Accenture and Mark Thompson from Virgin Unite Mentors on stage for a revealing discussion about the experience of being young credit union leaders. 

“When I can have a voice, a say, in what my experience can be, I’m super excited and engaged in what I’m doing,” Stankovic says. “That’s not just for emerging leaders – it’s for everybody.”  For more information on the THINK Conference, please visit: http://co-opthink.org/

<![CDATA[CO-OP THINK 14, MSA Organizational Design and Leadership Transitions]]>Fri, 23 May 2014 19:48:28 GMThttp://mitchellstankovic.com/1/post/2014/05/co-op-think-14-msa-organizational-design-and-leadership-transitions.htmlSusan Mitchell and Brandi Stankovic helped launch the CO-OP THINK14 Evolution Sessions with a presentation on Organizational Design and Leadership Transitions, entitled Future So Bright Gotta Wear Shades. Transitions are the norm in credit unions, and good leadership requires fundamentally examining resources and planning. 
In addition to reviewing credit union strategies to employ, the MSA team also led the group through an energetic and interactive look into rock n roll. We do things a little differently here at MSA.... and it starts with FUN. For more information or a copy of our presentation, please contact us.