Hello Sisters in Poland and around the world.  Thank you for your support and membership! You are making a difference to each other, at your organizations and within your communities! Fulfilling Dr. Branch, CEO of World Council, vision for Global Women's Leadership Network.

We had over 100 people at th reception and Global Women's educational forum went so well! We had a full house, maximum capacity!  We had scholarship women from Nepal, Kenya, USA and Trinidad.  Talked about women's issues, empowerment and crimes against children. Quite an international exchange that proved we are all the same:). Truly, our issues are common globally.  Caring about our children, our families, and communities and wanting to improve our lives in diverse ways (professionally and personally).
Women who want to be mentored and women who want to share.

Sister societies were big hit! Pink ties everywhere... Sister Society's will start in Africa, Russia, Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Australia, Washington DC, Washington state, Arizona, Florida, Illinois. And Nevada.  These are in addition to our San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan.  Gosh it is fantastic!

We did an exercise on what the Network means to all of us.  Diversity. Making a difference. Feeling at home. Sharing with each other. Women being unique and yet the same. Professional Development. Personal brands.  Empowerment.  We will share more information with you soon...

What does it mean to you?  How do you get value?  Let me know because that is how we will sustain the effort and engage others!

All the effort is not to say that our destination is near - we have many steps ahead in our journey  and we recognize the need for constant improvement.

Thank you for joining our global credit union community of women.

Best Regards,
Sue Mitchell
Mitchell Stankovic and Associates is very proud of our family. Luanna Scott Mitchell, Susan's mother, made the news! 

The 1938 newspaper photo is fuzzy, but you can see Luanna Scott to the near right carrying her canvas Saturday Evening Postbag. The caption reads: “When the Al G. Barns and Sells Floto circus came here (Ontario, Oregon) yesterday, the railroad tracks were a Mecca for the kids—and a good many adults. Members of this group of wide-eyed, breathless youngsters is (sic) typical of the hundreds that swarmed over the tracks.” 
The contrast of social and physical suffering from the romantic, panoramic views and regal animals, leaves me raw with emotions. Humanities best of intentions and the unintended consequences. Love the land and the people—despite the conditions.

You may ask why is WOCCU in Africa at an orphanage? Well, we worked with 70-80 children, many with HIV, of Busia Orphanage where WOCCU had a project. It started based upon funding from USDA grants. There is a desire to reach the people in remote, rural communities, help improve their lives and then form a cooperative, credit union to sustain change.