Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates would like to give Nicole Bice, WOCCU, special recognition for her belief in World Council of Credit Union’s Global Women’s Leadership Network.  We shared many moments, good times and tough times, together creating the foundation of what has become an international movement.  She is a rare, dedicated person and a woman of substance.  On behalf of all the members and leaders of GWLN, we present Nicole with the Flame Award in recognition of her passion and commitment to changing lives. Here’s to her next adventure and flame burning bright in the years ahead.  

Brandi Stankovic was presented with the HRD Network Outstanding Commitment Award at the annual conference in San Diego, CA. Nominated by Boulder Dam Credit Union for her work in Human Resources and Executive Development. Brandi is responsible for establishing the human resources department at the credit union, including Performance Appraisals, Education, Retirement Planning, Employee Handbook, NEO, Community Outreach, and Performance Management. 
The Credit Union Times hosted a Women to Watch reception at the Governmental Affairs Conference. Susan Mitchell is a previous honoree. For more information about the program and to see highlights from the GAC, please visit:
Aid for AIDS Nevada (AFANLV) hosted a benefit at MEET Las Vegas, Desserts With Friends, to honor all of the donors, partners, and volunteers that make a difference with AFANLV and the lives of their constituents. The benefit included an array of delicious desserts courtesy of several community organizations, including Hard Rock, Cupcakery, Pinkberry and more. 
Brandi Stankovic was honored for her volunteer work with the Red Ribbon Community Award for Outstanding Service. She volunteers with the organization to help raise money, facilitate and plan events, and manage community volunteers. We are honored to support the organization and facilitate their vision in the community. 

Photos, Captured from AFANLV Facebook,
Women Continue Steps to Building Management and Board Room Presence.
The Optimist Susan Mitchell

President/CEO Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates  
Mitchell has spent over 25 years providing consulting services to corporate America, specializing in the financial services industry. She got her start as a system analyst in the computer industry and progressed to hold positions ranging from vice president of sales to senior vice president of research and development in Fortune 500 companies. She was instrumental in the implementation of SB7, the Redlining Community Reinvestment Act legislation and she facilitated the capitalization of de novo banks with the Comptroller of Banks for the State of California. She has consulted with Bank of America, Citicorp, and Chase.

Philosophy She Lives By: For me it’s about continuing to engage, being relevant, making a difference, being positive, authentic and working hard. Let your light shine. Be grateful every morning, live in the moment, be guided by and live true to your core values.

World Council of Credit Unions honors Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates', Susan Mitchell, as an Everyday Hero. She is committed to making a difference. Her personal experiences show she has what it takes to survive tough times. Please click here for the full article. 
The National Credit Union Foundation Report includes a REAL Solutions page for Nevada. 

The California and Nevada Credit Union League recognized Boulder Dam CU’s Jaron Singleton and Mitchell Stankovic’s Brandi Stankovic for their outstanding eff orts in teaching hundreds of Boulder City, NV teens the importance of money management.

Click the link below to learn more. 
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Brandi Stankovic was nominated for the 2010 WOCCU Young Credit Union Professionals (WYCUP) scholarship program. Brandi was nominated based on demonstrated achievement within her credit union movement and potential leadership within the international credit union movement. This is her second nomination, the first in 2005.

WYCUP is an annual scholarship program, started in 2001 by World Council of Credit Unions, Inc. (WOCCU) to encourage the next generation of leaders to get involved in the international credit union movement.   

On behalf of the international credit union community, WOCCU is pleased to recognize Ms. Stankovic’s outstanding achievements as a young credit union professional.  
The WOCCU Board of Directors awarded Sue Mitchell the Ambassador Award for her tireless volunteersim and dedication to the Global Women's Leadership Network. She was recognized during the CUNA and WOCCU Awards Ceremony with thousands of CU professionals in attendance. 
The Nevada Credit Union League was proud to recognize, Jaron Singleton of Boulder Dam Credit Union and Brandi Stankovic of Mitchell Stankovic and Associates for their outstanding efforts in teaching hundreds of Boulder City, Nevada teens the importance of money management.  In a program sponsored by Boulder Dam Credit Union, juniors and seniors participate in an after school educational session that teaches them how to balance their accounts, use credit wisely and save for the future. 


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