California and Nevada League hosts regional Global Women's Leadership Network forum, October 28, 2011.

Ventura County Credit Union Board Chairman and Global Women's Leadership Network member Roxanne Ostrem also shared how, upon hearing of Ramírez' program at an earlier Global Women's Leadership Network forum they were inspired to use World Council's technology and smartphones to take their credit union to local farm workers. MSA was instrumental in the management of the Ventura County Credit Union project. 
It all happened one morning over breakfast with some wonderful women who where brought together by the most amazing lady named Sue! You should be so proud of what you do and who u have helped! You my dear friend have helped change peoples lives forever! And I am so grateful to call you my friend!

Roxy Ostrem, Chair of Ventura County Credit Union

Steve Winningerl, CEO and Bill Theiss, President, retiring from Lake Trust. Their wives Phoebe and Stephanie. Mark Elliott, CEO of Onboarding Services attend. MSA was proud to work with the team through this transition.