Why call it the Underground Conference?  It sounds a little like you are trying to go beyond the norm, move outside the box and be rebels, even elitists.  No not elitists, just 30 executive activists that believe in the credit union system and want to try to mobilize the industry’s intellectual capital to enhance our opportunities through insightful dialogue – that has no boundaries, no vested business interest.  “We aren’t trying to do something for MVN but for the attendees by providing access to former leaders experience to help today’s leaders make better decisions.  It isn’t about politics, it is about business and the opportunity to participate in constructive debate to generate innovation,” declared Randy Karnes, CEO of CU*Answers and MVN Network cofounder. 

Guest speaker, Brandi Stankovic challenged the group by observing that relevancy should not be a question, it should be the foundation of your credit union core business. Why are credit unions not attracting new members, emerging markets and young adults? What have we learned from myspace.com?  What can we learn by watching American Idol to study their model.  “Consumers will change doctors because of the $40.00 fee associated with moving outside their primary area, what makes us think they won’t switch financial institution,” asked Mark Elliott, CEO of MVN Leadership Services.