Tie Your Pink On is here!

Tie Your Pink On is World Council's Global Women's Leadership Network campaign concept that Joe Schroeder, CEO of Ventura County Credit Union  and Kim Hester, EVP of CO-OP Financial Services suggested to engage all genders in the network. 

 "World Council's GWLN is a one of a kind network," stated Patsy Van Ouwerkerk, GWLN Advisory Group, GWLN Golf Committee Chair and CEO of Travis Credit Union.  " It was  created to provide women with access to a global community of credit union leaders dedicated to advising each other and to cultivating the leadership potential of women in the United States and worldwide.  As a credit union CEO,  I appreciate the importance of having a place to connect with other leaders facing similar challenges in a drive to effect positive change."

The World Council's Global Women's Leadership Network is making a difference in the U.S.: 

·         scholarships,
·         outreach programs,
·          regional and global network societies,
·          Ventura County Engagement,
·         community efforts and professional development.

"We wanted to get the word out on our important work, and have some fun promoting the network and engaging others, why not join us?" asked Patsy.  

You can "Tie Your Pink On" with a $20 donation at the World Council booth or look for people with pink ties who have committed to establishing this one of a kind credit union network.  Learn more about getting involved in Global Women’s Leadership Network by visiting, cuwomen.org or contact Nicole Bice, nbice@woccu.org or Valerie Breunig, vbreunig@woccu.org .
At the Governmental Affairs Conference, we developed the "Tie Your Pink On" campaign for Global Women's Leadership Network to build awareness of our initiative. Ties were sold as a fun event and we sold out in minutes. Above, Sue Mitchell, Chair of GWLN and Debbie Matz, NCUA Chair sporting her tie. Below, the Lake Trust Credit Union team. 
World Council of Credit Unions honors Mitchell, Stankovic and Associates', Susan Mitchell, as an Everyday Hero. She is committed to making a difference. Her personal experiences show she has what it takes to survive tough times. Please click here for the full article. 

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